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The clothing of the Be the Beast collection have been made with Bioceramic fabric. This revolutionary fabric is capable of emitting far infrared radiation (FIR Tech). When these infrared waves are applied into the active muscle, the benefits of bioceramics are multiple, among which the improvement of athletic performance thanks to its vasodilator component that helps to improve the contractile response of the muscle.

In addition, the Bioceramic fabric with Far Infrared Radiation provides an increase in temperature that helps to prevent possible injuries, relieves pain, accelerates metabolism and improves recovery after training.

Now, thanks to the Be the Beast collection and its Bioceramic fabric with FIR Tech, you will have the benefits of far infrared radiation while exercising. Thanks to the improvement of the blood circulation, the muscle obtains a greater oxygenation and produces less lactic acid.

Far Infrared Radiation has been used for years in the recovery of patients with muscle or ligament injuries. The benefits of Bioceramic fabrics are fully approved by physiotherapists and doctors who conclude that Bioceramic fabrics are capable of emitting far infrared radiation.